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About Denshi-Jisho.com

Who ?

Denshi-Jisho.com is an eCommerce Website powered by Nippon X, Corp. (japanese company "kabushiki gaisha" based in Japan, Tokyo)

What we do ?

Denshi-Jisho.com is the first online retailer selling exclusively japanese electronic dictionaries. Actually we only sell via our eCommerce Website and we do not have a store open to public.

Our Vision

Denshi-jisho.com is actually the most famous online retailer selling japanese electronic dictionaries even beating Amazon and Ebay! ^^

- Rank #1 on google for the keywords "japanese electronic translators"
- Rank #1 as online retailer on google for the keywords "japanese english electronic dictionary".

Most of our customers are studying Japanese language at university but also professionals (teachers, researchers, translators). That's why we also work directly with universities around the world.

Our Mission

We aim to provide:

Satisfactory customer service : We take all measures to satisfy our customers.

Quick delivery times : We can guarantee delivery within 24 hours (except bulk orders and old products)

Large variety and selection of merchandise : With our customized products, we offer the largest selection of japanese electronic dictionaries on internet.

Competitive prices : We are constantly checking our competitors for offering the cheapest price on internet.


Headquarters of Nippon X, Corp :

Tokyo Pref, Minato Ward, Kita Aoyama 3-6-7
Aoyama Palacio Tower 11th Floor

Tel. : +81 (0) 3 5464 8747
Contact: info(at)nippon-x.com

Nippon X Headquarters

Headquarters of Nippon X, Corp :Aoyama Palaccio Tower 11F